21:12:14 | 2000-08-30

I'm listening to Fiona Apple's cover of Jimi Hendrix's Angel. I used hate this version and hate her for being pompous enough to dare to sing it.

Angel is my very favorite Jimi tune. During my morbid phases I make my friends promise they will play it at my funeral.

Anyway, I changed my tune on Fiona when I heard her introd. to her performance of this tune, when she said "You're either going to love me or hate me after this song." That was pretty tuff of her to acknowledge that.

Unlike the very SUCKY Sheryl Crow who basically killed the songwriter from whom she stole the credit for "Leaving Las Vegas" - I'm so happy they banned her from his funeral. Anyway, her version of the G 'n R song just PAINS me. I find it personally offensive that she recorded it. How about taking a crack at writing your own song, rather than sleeping with Eric Clapton and snagging his sloppy second lyrics.


I'm trying to write on my freakin' page and freakin' sushibitch keeps IM'ing me because she can't think of anything to write on her site.

. Now she challenged me to a Steel Cage Deathmatch. It's clear to me I cannot respond in order to get this entry done.

But now that we are speaking about sushibitch, I would like to announce officially that I support Toastgirl in her argument against sushibitch that Rye Bread is the DEMON SEED and should be destroyed. Please direct all comments to Toastgirl@diaryland.com and she will be happy to post your e-mail comments on her page.


I'm going to see Pearl Jam on Friday. This is a good thing, but you know what's even better? SONIC YOUTH IS OPENING!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOHHHHHOOOOOOO!!! I'm so excited I almost choked on the tootsie roll in my mouth! Whoa! Gotta be careful.

I'm having a major tootsie roll love affair right now. I just cannot get enough of the tootz. Is there possibly a greater candy than the tootz? I doubt it. Oh, well, except of the Peanut Chew - which rocks!


One more thing. I heard back from my friend that I e-mailed about my freaky dream. She said it happened in real life and she remembered it playing out like my dream. She had totally forgotten about it.

So I'm talking to sushibitch last night and bring that up and I'm like, "WHOA! Maybe we all need psycholgical help?! I mean, how could we all have blocked this? How come no one remembered? We must be scarred!!!"

And sushibitch, forever the reality check, is like "Errrr, maybe no one remembered because you were all so BOMBED?!?"

And I was like "OOOoohhh. Good Point."

I feel a lot better now, because this weekend after that dream I started asking my Mom and Marnie2000 if maybe I was like bipolar or manic depressive or skitzophrenic or something. They assured me, that contrary to my friend JONATHAN's belief, I am NOT crazy. They've seen crazy people with those things and they like can't get out of bed and function and stuff. My mom was like, you just can't get out of bed because you overdo it every night. I was like, good point, Mom!

So Jonathan, my mom says you are all WRONG. Sucka!



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