8:17 p.m. | 2003-01-20

The Pain. Oh, the pain.

I had to work today. I was unconsolable. The Eagles loss is just too great. Way too great.


My hurt hearts. That's the pain at the end of yesterday's entry. My only chuckle came today, from those of you (and there are several of you) who thought that the souless cokewhore I mentioned was me. I enjoyed that. Thanks for thinking I still have it in me to be a cokewhore. Would that I were so ambitious.

Back to the game. The Game. The GAME that Philly waited twenty years for.

Do you people KNOW what it's like to be a Philadelphian/Pennsylvanian? We are beaten down everywhere. We had a dream a couple of years ago about the Sixers and look where that got us. We go crazy for our Flyers even though that ends in heartbreak. And the Phillies...

Can you feel the knife in my heart? Let me twist it for you.

We are Rocky. We are the kids from the street for America. All of us. We want to make it and we can't get a freaking BREAK. So we hustle. Oh, we freaking hustle. And we root for the underdog.

And yeah, we are a little rough around the edges, but we have moxie. We're scrappers. We are the underdog's and we support our own in the belief that we can overcome.

We can beat Apollo Creed and the Russian and Rowdy Roddy Piper and we can run up the steps of the Art Museum afterwards.(And we've all run up those stairs and re-enacted that scene.)

All of our hopes and all of our dreams laid on that field at the Vet. That's our field. It's not one of the 100 new phat cat stadiums in this country. It's old and hard, like us. It's seen injuries and heartbreaking pain and joy and wins.

To lose on that field is like being tortured in your childhood bed. It's vile and it's wrong.

The only thing worse than that egregious crime, is to lose at the Superbowl. There can be nothing worse than to get into the game, and lose it. There is no second place in the Superbowl. You got invited to the big dance and you shit the bed.

Ahhhh, yes.

The Bucs will shit the bed, when the Raiders sneak in at night.

Everyone knows that the Raiders are a buncha thugs, but I hope they rip Warren Sapp's cocky ass into pieces.

No hard feelings.


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