2:04 a.m. | 2009-12-20

Hiya. Oh Hai.

Blizzard here in the Mid-Atlantic states. Fun. It blew in on my Dad's bday.

A funny coincidence, as my Dad died a week ago. Don't feel bad. That wasn't meant to be a feel bad statement. Just a statement.

I'm handling the loss well, I think. Probably because it wasn't a surprise. He was sick for a long time. His sickness was inhumane.

I know I'm just starting to process the finality of my Dad's death and I expect it to hit me hard over the next year.

For now, though, it makes me happy to come back here and revisit entries like this and laugh about how things were. This diary helps me erase the long terminal deteroriation of my Dad and remember the positive force that he was for my life.

My Dad was awesome. He'll be missed.

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